Complete Thyroid, Cranial, and Visceral Studies

We offer a few thermal screening studies more specifically focused on particular systems of the body, including the thyroid, cranial, and visceral.

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Complete Thyroid Study

A Complete Thyroid Study is a comprehensive thermal imaging examination of the thyroid gland, serving to assess your thyroid’s function, size, and overall health. The study can help identify signs of an enlarged thyroid or potential thyroid nodules and assess the balance between the thyroid lobes, determining whether one side is larger or smaller than the other.

Thyroid Studies are typically given when certain symptoms present themselves or your medical history suggests potential thyroid abnormalities.

The study’s results can help determine deficiency in essential minerals like iodine or selenium, which are critical for thyroid function. Consequently, the professionals conducting the study might recommend a specific protocol to address any detected deficiencies.

Other Studies

Complete Cranial Study

A Complete Cranial Study is a detailed thermal imaging examination of the entire head region. This examination focuses on identifying potential issues related to the sinuses, the eyes, the eustachian tubes (inner ear), carotid arteries, and certain neurological responses.

The cranial study can detect sinus-related issues across various regions including the cheek sinuses, nasal sinuses, maxillary sinuses, mastoid sinuses, and the sphenoid sinus. It can also identify markers of disease through the eyes. The study can further provide insight into the function of the eustachian tubes and detect potential sources of vertigo and equilibrium issues.

The cranial study also includes an assessments involving:

  • Carotid arteries, which are major blood vessels in the neck that supply blood to the brain, neck, and face
  • Neurological responses or abnormalities at the base of the brain stem, along with any issues with the muscles at the base of the neck
  • Scalene muscles (located in the side of the neck) impacting blood flow, lymphatic flow, and neurological responses

A unique feature of the cranial study is its ability to identify deep-rooted periodontal infections that may not show up on dental X-rays. Such infections, if left untreated, could potentially lead to serious health issues, including heart disease, strokes, and even breast cancer.

Other Studies

Complete Visceral Study

A Complete Visceral Study is a thermal imaging examination of the organs and systems in the torso. This study is typically performed as a follow-up to a full-body or half-body scan.

A visceral study is for those who have something unusual identified in the torso during a full body or half body scan. An example would be an anomaly in an organ that may require further investigation; the study would then be used to track progress and effectiveness of certain protocols recommended for treating the anomaly after initial scans.

Visceral scans are crucial in providing a more in-depth look at organs in the torso such as the liver, gallbladder, and other parts of the digestive system.

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