Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect

Once I get my report of findings what do I do with it?

After reviewing the report and its findings you can opt to have a consultation with the reading doctor who will share even more insight with you about your findings.

How often should I have a scan?

Once your baseline is established, it is recommended to have a scan annually.

How do I address the findings?

Although the reading doctor is not your treating doctor, Dr. Melvin does share his recommendations on how to address the findings in your report.

Does it hurt, will I feel heat? 

A thermal scan is no-touch, painless, and radiation-free. Though it is heat-sensitive imaging, there is no heat emitted from the camera.

Is there any exposure to radiation?  

A thermal scan is no-touch, painless, and completely radiation-free.

Will I have to be naked?

No, you will disrobe and place a drape on your body. At no point during the scan process will you be standing completely naked.

Will I have to be in a claustrophobic tube?

No, the process of imaging is up to 27 individual images while you are either sitting or standing in front of a camera.

What is the preparation like prior to my scan?

Although there are pre-scan instructions that require no eating or drinking one hour before the scan, you can review all of the instructions here.

Depending on the results, will I need to go on a special diet or change my lifestyle?

Our goal is to make sure everything is functioning properly, not to diminish your quality of life and change it. We want to make sure you are not deprived of these things in life and that you are able to continue to enjoy life.

Do I have to put my hands in ice cold water?

No, technology has improved to where that is no longer required. However, we do keep the room temperature between, 68 and 72 degrees.

Does insurance cover the scan?

We do not process, however, we do provide a Medical Superbill with the proper medical billing codes that are required when you submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

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