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We provide effective, non-invasive, full body thermography services and health screenings without the risk of pain and radiation.

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Full & Half Body Thermography

Thermography assesses blood flow patterns, inflammation and function using advanced and highly sensitive equipment. It is a non-invasive, non-contact system of recording body temperature by measuring infrared radiation emitted by the body surface. It is a passive, pain free, fast, low cost and sensitive method.

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Breast Thermography for Women & Men

Breast Thermography is invaluable screening for men and women alike, providing early indications of breast health risks, including cancer. 

Using infrared imaging, we can detect variations and irregularities in temperature and heat patterns throughout breast tissue, which may suggest certain abnormalities such as inflammation or tumor growth. 

It’s non-invasive, radiation-free, and doesn’t involve any potentially harmful chest compression typical of other mainstream screening methods, making it as comfortable as it is safe for regular and ongoing monitoring.

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Prostate & Testicular Thermography

Prostate and Testicular Thermography uses advanced thermal imaging to detect any potential or present health issues relating to the prostate and testicular areas. We can identify any abnormal heat patterns that may suggest inflammation or other possible conditions, even prior to any symptoms!

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Other Thermography Studies

We offer a few thermal screening studies more specifically focused on particular systems of the body, including the thyroid, cranial, and visceral.

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I have never been so encouraged and motivated after having a follow up exam in my life. The professionalism of Kerry and Dr. Melvin is phenomenal. They are patient and caring and very thorough. I recommend everyone get a full body scan and follow the recommendations – you will be glad you did.

Erica Moore



As a healthcare provider/doctor of physical therapy, I highly recommend thermography from TICA. Having thermal scans should be a regular part of everyones health/wellness screen as it is safe, effective and can be one of the best predicting diagnostic tools on the market. They are professional, friendly, and compassionate! Highly recommend this facility!

Eric Hefferon



Kerry and Dr. Melvin are amazing! Kerry goes above and beyond to help. I’ve learned more about my body than I could have ever expected by getting thermography. I will be continuing to get regular scans.

Rachel Frevert



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The Thermal Imaging Centers of America was founded with the goal of providing a safe, radiation-free, and pain-free health screening for general health as well as cancer detection. Our founder, Kerry Press, was motivated by her own experience with cancer to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for clients who are anxiously seeking answers to their prominent and potential health issues and concerns.

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